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An early 1990's style popular with female punk bands in America, kinderwhore is a mix of grunge, punk and lolita styles. The look consists of ripped stockings (especially fishnets) or lace-top knee highs, negligee's or baby doll dresses, platform mary janes or dr martin boots, messy hair and smeared makeup. Musician Kat Bjelland claims to have invented the look, and says former bandmate Courtney Love copied it. Love claims she took the style from Christina Amphlett of the Divinyls. It is generally accepted that Courtney popularised the kinderwhore style but did not come up with it.
Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland (in the 90's), KatieJane Garside (from Daisy Chainsaw) and the UKs band Fluffy and Lush are examples of female kinderwhore. Twiggy Ramirez also wore the style for a while in order to ridicule Courtney Love
by mademoiselle butterfly November 28, 2008

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