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(n) the time two people spend conversing on facebook, i.e. writing on each other's walls or using the chat application.

form of face time.
"dude, i got some serious facebook time with insert name here last night. it was awesome."
by madelinefersure December 25, 2008

1. a command used when you want someone to wall comment you on facebook.

2. to wall comment someone numerous times without receiving a response.
"hey, do you want to hang out tomorrow? wall it up."

"did you see megan walling it up on david's last night? what a sleaze."
by madelinefersure December 22, 2008
"stop right there." used when someone has shared too much information with someone else and the other party grows tired of hearing it.
sometimes used in conjunction with T.M.I.
"...so then, i took a dump and it was like four-"
"S.R.T., dude. i did NOT need to know that.
by madelinefersure December 26, 2008

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