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adj. Full of cum. To possess cum-like qualities. To be sticky or translucent.
Leroy de Scribbler was going to drive to the store, but when he looked outside he realized it was very cummy, thus he also became cummy with his father, who in turn was also cummy.
by madcowworld.com March 12, 2003
1. the occurence of an organism being so sexually aroused it begins to ejaculate a large amount of sperm to the extent that the organism dies. 2. a slang term for a male giving his male or female companion HIV. Closely related to a James Hock.
While masturbating last year my best friend died of death jizz.

Rubert gave Mrs. Robinson death jizz last night.
by madcowworld.com March 12, 2003
Showing much laughter. Can be substituted with LOL or Laughing Oud Loud
When the goat inserted its furry penis inside of the badgers ear I almost urinated on myself. :))
by madcowworld.com March 12, 2003
The Yahoo Smiley language equivalant of death jizz
After having my penis sucked on for 3 hours I was subjected to 8-X=P~
by madcowworld.com April 23, 2003
A gaming device used by many fat people including Mrs. Robinson. Can also be used to pull a James Hock on your homosexual cat.
Mrs. Robinson played her DonutBox for 3 hours while sodomizing her feline friend.
by madcowworld.com March 10, 2003
v. 1To ejaculate while jerking off.
2. n. to masturbate a dead cow
After stroking his penis for 12 minutes Paul ejerkulated.

Bill had a fetish for cows so he ejerkulated Bessy.
by madcowworld.com April 20, 2003
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