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A deep thunderous roar of raging testosterone, occurs when one surpasses the point where words can accurately express their fury. The sound of a man bellowing with rage, a warcry if you will. Something you'd hear shortly before receiving a fist to your face. Only a real man can procure a true WOARRR. Emitted from the very core of one's rage, it will shatter the self-esteem of a woman instantly as she realises physical oblivion is nigh. If you hear this sound be aware of the source, as it's likely to be followed up by a knuckle sandwich.
Father: Son, go chop some wood.
Son: Fuck you dad!
Father: WOARRRRRRRRRR! *beats son to the ground*
by madcap May 27, 2008

Rolling In Oil Laughing

1. Something you'd picture yourself to be as a fat corporate suit bathing in crude oil while gleefully laughing at your immense wealth.

2. Satire of "ROFL", RIOL means "rolling in oil laughing". Picture some fat sweaty idiot rolling in his own oil as a means of enjoying his filthy wealth. Used to picture someone who's stupid and laughing at their own jokes. Which aren't funny.

3. A rich king rolling in oil whilst laughing about how his dog had pet kittens.
Example 1:

Person 1: We've waged war on Iraq.
Person 2: RIOL!

Example 2:

I'm moving to Germany next month riol
by Madcap June 19, 2006

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