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A better, and more technically correct, way of saying "piece of paper". Its usage pioneered by Matthew Baker.
Guy 1: Hey man, can I borrow a slice of paper?

Guy 2: Sure man. Sounds like a plan.
by madba May 24, 2010
The coolest way to say "restrooms" you'll ever see.
Guy 1: Hey man, I'm going to go hit the 'strooms real quick.

Guy 2: *thinks to himself* That is one cool guy.
by madba May 24, 2010
Better than awesome; the opposite of awful.
Man 1: Chicken is so awenone.

Man 2: Yeah, I get it, because it's better than awesome and the opposite of awful. Sounds like a plan.
by madba November 25, 2010
A way in which to say "2011". This is effective because "11" resembles two sticks.
Man 1: Happy Twenty Two-Sticks, bro.

Man 2: Sounds like a plan.
by madba January 01, 2011
When something is both odd and awkward in equal proportion
Man 1: Did that three legged midget just get kissed by his mom in public?

Man 2: Yeah. Totally oddkward.
by madba October 15, 2011
A person who, while residing in typical "hillbilly" territory, shows no hallmarks of hillbilly behavior.
Man 1: Hey, man. You know Ted in Accounting grew up in a cabin on the Podunk River? And he's the first in his family to graduate college. Or have more than 3 teeth at the same time.

Man 2: Wow. What a hillwilliam.
by madba August 15, 2011
The true past tense of the slang terminology, "laugh out loud", or "LOL".

Because "laugh out louded" just doesn't make sense.
Man 1: Did you see that humorous occurrence?

Man 2: Why yes, I did. And not only did it sound like a plan, I also L'd ol.
by madba January 17, 2011
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