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A person whose gender is so indeterminate that you can make a game out of it with you and your friends guessing.
Androgenous person walks by...
Me: "Hey, is it a man or is it a woman? I can't tell.."
Friend: "I see boobies!"
Me: "You win."
#transsexual #bulldyke #man boobs #implants #femmy boy
by MadamexXx February 15, 2009
Testrisosterone is the hormone needed to play a mean game of Tetris along with an untreated case of OCD.
Everytime I hear that Russian music, I feel a wave of Tetrisosterone coming on!
My boyfriend is never horny, but has a case of Tetrisosterone. No wonder his hand is always sore!
I get aggressive while doing a jigsaw puzzle because I have Tetrisosterone.
#ocd #jigsaw puzzle #russians #testosterone #tetris #competitive
by MadamexXx May 18, 2009
When you are overweight and eat something fattening in public and someone says: "Are you sure you should be eating that?"
When you are quite thin, but some nosy scrotesque underweight old man sees that you have a big bag of M&M's and says: "It'll make ya fat."
When you are thin and someone who likes fat people tells you you're too thin. This is usually sexual harassment.
"I was trying to eat a doughnut one morning, but someone called the Calorie Cops. They were eating them too."
"I was proud of my thin new shape and this pervert who keeps trying to flirt with me said I should eat more. What is he, the Calorie Cops?"
Some people were making fun of fat people in line, and I said: "Shut up, you fvck!ng Calorie Cops!"
#food nazi #cops #doughnuts #diet #slender #gym #bitch-slap with bag of m&m's
by MadamexXx February 25, 2009
Like the plagues from the Bible, you are sure God is trying to tell you something when you can't escape things like roaches, bedbugs, crackheads, and alcoholics. Poor people have shit in their face every day.
Living in that tore back building with all those roaches, I was sure I was a victim of the Ghetto Plague.
There's a crackhead on every corner trying to sell their ass in my neighborhood. We have the Ghetto Plague.
I have a persecution complex. It's the Ghetto Plague.
#bed bugs #roaches #drug addicts #ghetto #bible
by MadamexXx February 24, 2009
When a couple is on a date and you can tell it's a blind date or guilt induced by how mismatched the pair are. It makes for a really uncomfortable situation.
I went out with Ron because I didn't know he was considering it a date. All night, people kept looking at me funny like it was a hostage situation.
Honesty: "I can't go out with you because it'll look like a hostage situation."
#pity-date #hostage #blind date #mail order bride #no excuse #taken unawares
by MadamexXx March 03, 2009
It's when you don't feel fat except when trying to squeeze by somewhere or usually someone. Narrow walkways are conducive to Big Butt Paranoia as well as trying to get out of a car back seat in a two-door. Being in a crowd can cause this as well.
I felt fit and trim, but after squeezing by everyone at the crowded deli, I developped a case of Big Butt Paranoia.
Everytime I get out of that car, I get big butt paranoia.
I always get BBP in that elevator.
It's usually people with small butts who get big butt paranoia.
#ghetto booty #padunkadunk #tank ass #anorexic #delusion
by MadamexXx February 20, 2009
A spiteful unattractive woman who favors a man in appearance. They say beauty is only skin deep, but it's her personality that makes her ugly. If she were nice, then she wouldn't catch so many insults from people. She is usually an alcoholic with unresolved issues.
Wildebeasts are mean to pretty girls, but you have to consider their resentment and bitterness.
I was taken aback by the appearance of Felicia as she looked like a wildebeast while insulting me saying my clothes didn't match.
#lumberjack #coyote ugly #mannish #aggressive #hostile #miserable
by MadamexXx March 11, 2009
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