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Also known as dumpster looting and stealing other peoples' recyclables. Could also mean shoplifting. Sometimes it occurs at 3AM in 24-hour stores like Wal*Mart and the whole place is crawling with tweakers.
1. My friends went tweaker shopping and scored me a new bra ot of the neighbor's dumpster. It fit too.
2. I needed to get diapers in the middle of the night and could have done some tweaker shopping.
3. That spun-out freak got arrested for tweaker shopping and now there's a picture up of her in the store.
4. Dude found every last piece of my jigsaw puzzle. It was like he was tweaker shopping.
by MadamexXx February 11, 2009
He's the man. He's got the wardrobe, the women, the dollas, the best car and everyone looks up to him. He's the type of dude that people want to make movies about. He's a straight gangsta.
Daddy Pimp Juice came up and told that busta he was a jive turkey and the dude was speechless.
I asked my friend who that fine ass man was and she said: "Didn't you know? That's Daddy Pimp Juice."
My kids want to take Daddy Pimp Juice for show and tell.
Daddy Pimp Juice has the best swag in the neighborhood.
by MadamexXx February 08, 2009
A young, good-looking, and rather hot example of the male species who appears before the eyes of a lustful older woman.
Boss: "Why are you late?"
Cougar: "I got derailed by a strapping young buck."
Boss: "With antlers and everything?"
by MadamexXx March 10, 2009
Stories told by your father that are exaggerated to impress upon how easy your life is compared to his at your age.
"I had to walk ten miles in ten feet of snow just to get to school in shoes that were too small;" (Dad Stories)

Kid realizing that his dad must be exaggerating as he did not grow up in Siberia.
by MadamexXx March 04, 2009
Anyone you're living with who won't let you sleep, give you privacy, makes too much noise, tries to throw cock blocks when you have someone you're interested in over, borrows your clothes without asking, takes up too much time in the bathroom, has their obnoxious friends over too much and is basically a pain in the ass to live with. These people are usually not right in the head or have a substance abuse issue or is just plain old inconsiderate. Any intolerable child.
My roomate makes too much noise when I'm trying to sleep. She's a domestic terrorist.
Dennise is a domestic terrorist. She tries to wear my sexy underwear and tries to steal my boyfriends.
I won't babysit that loud-ass kid. He's a domestic terrorist.
My husband always has the TV up too loud. He's a domestic terrorist.
I had to break up with Danny because he'd get drunk at night and do a bunch of noisy and obnoxious shit so I couldn't sleep. He is a domestic terrorist.
by MadamexXx February 09, 2009
A person whose gender is so indeterminate that you can make a game out of it with you and your friends guessing.
Androgenous person walks by...
Me: "Hey, is it a man or is it a woman? I can't tell.."
Friend: "I see boobies!"
Me: "You win."
by MadamexXx February 15, 2009
First you lose your job, then become homeless, come to find out your wife had someone else's baby. Kind of like a country song, but you can't help but wonder why you have such bad karma: Vortex of Shit.
I knew I was in a vortex of shit when my mother in law came to live with us.
by MadamexXx March 03, 2009

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