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the bilge is the part of a ship below the floor boards of the bottom level, just above the hull... ie the darkest and most grim part of the boat. a rat is, well, a small annoying (and to some people, scary) rodent. Therefore the term "bilge rat" is a pirate insult.
arrr, ye be a great foolish bilge rat, ye be!
by Mad Sam purple'ead January 04, 2005
some group in the early thirties invented a language named "aigan." it sort of died out until recently, when a few pupils at George wWatson's College, Edinburgh, U.K came across it on the internet a few years ago. THey are now fluent in the language and it is hillarious! it's even better when they start speaking in German aigan, or, if you read on, Gaigermaigan aigaaigigaigan...
how to speak it: "simply" place "aig" before EACH vowel in the word.
a different version is where you do the same thing with "ooo" instead of "aig".
haigalaigo craigaig! thaigis aigis aiga traigibaigutaige taigo yaigoaigu aigand staigephaigen!

("hello Craig! This a tribute yo you and stephen!")
by mad sam purple'ead January 05, 2005
a term used to describe very fine food. used at St Mary's School, U.K often. Still used by some people.
I say, this tastes like ripping muck.
what ripping muck!
by Mad Sam purple'ead January 04, 2005
slang for internet. see also twinternet.
have you heard of this new computer malarky, what's it called, the twinterweb?
by mad sam purple'ead February 01, 2005
1. you all know... ie the was that comes out le derriere.

2. a great word to use instead of swearing. see calzoncillos.
weebl: lo bob. you going to the gig tonight?
Bob: lo weebl. it was yesterday.
Weebl: poo!
by mad sam purple'ead January 10, 2005
i'm not clear on it's background; look at the others for that. but i can tell you that it can be used infront of a noun, when describing, for example, where you're going to your parents.
parent; Jo, where are you going tonight?
Jo: to yonder manga club.
by mad sam purple'ead January 05, 2005
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