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10 definitions by mad dog

very dry. Normally concerning intercourse
I tried to get her going but she was as dry as an arab's sandal all night.
by mad dog February 25, 2004
over the moon,
by eck kes, you're manouvering has got me grinning like a wanking jap - kes
by mad dog February 26, 2004
mad,insane. A grade one window licker.
that bird who played lois lane is as mad as a greased pig on crack
by mad dog February 25, 2004
...a double adapter is one appliance that can have two plugged in....
a woman who takes one guy in each hole (double penetration) as the yanks so quaintly put it....
by mad dog January 16, 2005
extremely wet. Opposite of an arab's sandal
Frankly my dear, you're quim is dripping. I conclude that you are as wet as a mermaid's flannel - Sherlock Holmes.
by mad dog February 25, 2004
to sweat profusely. See also "jew in a bank"
And so on the seventh day the Lord rested. All the hard work He had done had left Him sweating like a blind lesbian in a fishmongers - Genesis somewhere( The Bible)
by mad dog February 25, 2004
an ageing brunette lady that has began greying in the pubic area
I conclude that you have been lying about your age miss. While you were sleeping last night I broke into your house. On inspecting you're quim I deduced that you are over 40 as you have a badgers head - Sherlock Holmes
by mad dog February 25, 2004