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The leaving of old video tapes and CD, outside your house or if your embarrassed by the movie or band, some other location.

These Videos, DVDs or CDs are usually so bad, that even the Charity Shops will not touch them.

The collector of the "binTorrent" is usually:

1. The local horder (found dead years later, after been buried alive by all the crap they have collected over the years)

2. Junkie (who takes it in the very vain hope that some fool will buy these crimes against culture. To get enough cash for the next fix)

3. local do-gooder (so out of touch with the real world, that they take it to the charity shop, who then place them into special storage*)

4. Charity Shop (provider of free bin bags posted through your door, who after finding what they have got, then place them into special storage*)

5. Bin Men (your having a laugh, not placed in the wheely bin, which has to be feng shui'd to the curb, on the 3rd trimester of Beltane)

6. Skip Rat (found dead years later, after been buried alive by all the crap they have collected over the years)

*special storage, a skip or bin.

A method of redistributing your old unwanted media.
by mad cyril October 26, 2009
The Felling, former township on south bank of river Tyne, east of Gateshead town centre, Tyne & Wear, North-east England.

Industrial waste land intermixed with pockets of social deprivation that would warrant a Disasters Emergency appeal on TV.

It has a Metro station, that the only people getting off at, are likened to the passengers for Charon across the river styx (not the band), but unlike the users of the mythical ferryman of the dead, few of the folk of Felling have actually paid.

The town square is modelled in the ever popular T.Dan Smith corruptions style, which sucks out whatever joy or hope is left in the fair citizens of Felling.

Slowly a program of Social and economic cleansing is been carried out by Gateshead council, so they can get people who actually pay there council tax to live there.

Twinned with Prypiat and Pyongyang
by mad cyril October 11, 2009

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