10 definitions by mad at the world

Codenamed: "rabbit killa'" A device of mass destruction engineered and developed by monty python.
Thou shelt lob thy Holy Hand Grenade at the foe, only after the count of 3.
by mad at the world February 28, 2003
Popular form of Energy blast from the anime Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT.
AHHHHH*10minutes of grunting and yelling*HHHHHHHH Kaaameeehaaameeehaaa! *boom*
by mad at the world February 28, 2003
The lady sitting next to me that doesn't know how to use a computer. She keeps ending up at the DOS prompt somehow and saying "thats messed up" "why me" "peice of shit"
people that talk to themselves fucking creep me out
by mad at the world March 24, 2003

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