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"Bitch" in Portuguese (Brazilian).
Voce e uma cadela veia.. (You're an old bitch)
by MaD August 04, 2003
A pure sexbomb. One who is up on the latest lingo and posistions.
You can't teach the skills of Migz, you're born with the intensity and hornyness.
by MAD February 26, 2005
another name for your dick,penis,cock,willy, 5th limb, 3rd leg... u get the idea
dont even go there or ill have to whip out my single barrel pump action yoghurt rifle
by mad February 28, 2005
(Adj.) An individual of approximately 14 years of age, that acts as if he/she were, in fact, 8. Can be extremely annoying.
Alpha Nerd: I AM KING DORK!!!!!!!
Beta Nerd: OMG you're such a pre-pubescent.
by MaD December 09, 2004
Function: Adj.

A word to describe ones deteriorated
state of self grooming. A lapse in self maintenance.
1: Man, you've gotta get a haircut, you're lookin' mighty grizzly!
by MaD January 14, 2004
The man.
Seva is teh tot0al pWNage
by MaD October 15, 2003
Portuguese (Brazilian) for "little slut".
Porra cara, essa menina e uma putinha! (Damn dude, that girl is a little slut!)
by MaD August 04, 2003

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