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A word or nickname for the sport Association Football and to bring about less confusion in other sports: American Football, Australian Rules Football, etc.

Contrary to popular belief "Soccer" was not coined by the Americans, but by the founding fathers of the "current" game and took the root abbreviation from the word AsSOCiation.

It's played on rectangular field called the "pitch" with 10 players and 1 Goalkeeper. Two 45 minutes halves.

The game usually called a "match" involves the use of the feet and or head. Play the ball with your hand or arm is illegal.

Object is to the ball in the opponents goal, goals are worth 1 point. The team with the most points wins the match.

The game allows a minimal amount of contact, though considerably less that American Football.
Let's go watch the US play soccer today in Chicago.
by macky592 July 08, 2011
One of the Stars on SyFy Channel's show "Eureka" as Zoe Carter. Also former star of Disney Channel's original movie "Go Figure".

jordan is also likes pets, tattoos and diet coke.
We will see more of Jordan Hinson on Eureka.
by macky592 July 08, 2011
A great new sport that combines the elements and skill of Soccer/Association Football, Handball, Basketball and Lacrosse.

This game is simple to learn and easy to play requiring very little equipment.

The game is played on a rectangular field with similar dimensions to that of American Football. The layout of the field is similar to that of Lacrosse. Nets are along a yellow or gold "goal line" about 20 yards from the endline inside a circular crease that had a red penalty dot at the top. Just below the penalty dot is a white offside line that extends the width of the field.

Two teams of 9 players (8 position players and 1 Goalkeeper) play a 60 minute game, split into two 30 minute halves with a 17 minute rest period.

Players may score with any part of their body including their head, feet, arms and hands in any area of the field except the goal crease.

A minimum of ONE pass per possession is required before a shot may be taken. If a player gets the ball and has a breakaway the must BOUNCE the ball ONCE to themselves at any point while in possession but it must be prior to their shot attempt.

Other than this there is no bounce/dribbling requirement.

Goals are each worth 2pts. While in-penalty shots are worth 3pts. Shootout goals are worth 1pt.
Teams that score the most points win the game.

Most contact is permitted, however, hits to the head, blindside hits, excessive force hits, and targeted hits to players not in possession of the ball are NOT permitted.
FieldBall, with it's Association Football and Lacrosse type roots may soon become an Olympic Sport.
by macky592 July 08, 2011

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