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1 definition by mackem4life!!

get this straight...
not everyone from the north east is a geordie, and thank the lord for that!
mackem's are generally nice people but get labelled for being scum coz of the few little shits that live here...well you think of any town that doesn't have trash like that in it and your a genius!!
you can actually understand them though unlike those geordie scum who cant speak a word of english.

oh yes and we beat the scum 2-1 (25.10.08)!!
geordie - areeet, a ya cumin doon tha toon leek coz av just beeen doon tha dole to get mee gira, away man al buy ya a piint!
mackem - aye aye, are ya cumin down the town coz ive just gettin me wages (from WORK!!) and al buy ya a drink!
by mackem4life!! October 27, 2008
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