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this game must be performed at night and stars must be visible. person "a" looks up into the night sky and finds a star. once the star has been found "a" keeps their eye focused on the star and begins to spin quickly as they can while staying focused on said star. person "b" stands closely by with flashlight in hand and counts to ten. once the time is up person "b" quickly flashes the flash light in to person "a's" eyes. person "a" will fall down and the star has been tipped.

note: keep the game directions a surprise until after played
jake: bro we went star tipping so hard last night...that shit was cray
lindsey: yeah, it wasn't so "cray" when i got star tipped and directly after got table topped...my back still hurts and my vision is blurry.
john: that feeling was awesome..lets go again tonight!
by mack_my_rack June 13, 2012

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