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adjective or interjection: alternate pronunciation of kickass, something that is extraordinarily sublime. Very cool.
Guy1: "Dude, did you see that pick axe hottie that I left the party with last night?"

Guy2: "Yeah, did you get some?"

Guy1: "Dude."

Guy2: "Pick axe."
by macazootie January 26, 2008
When, out of politeness, you go out of the tent to fart. Then, despite your best efforts, it follows you back in.
She: "Whoa, dude, who cut one?! That shit is toxic. My eyes are burning!"

He: "O, my sincerest apologies, m'lady. I did my best to leave that at the flap. I knew that shit'd be narsty. Must've been the chem-trails."

She: "What? Who said that?!"
by macazootie September 21, 2009

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