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Initially quiet but internally opinionated. Creative, bright and drawn to the beauties of life. Childlike curiosity with and edge. Always too cool for school but loves geeking out. Theron's usually marry amazing women who play hard to get. Pretty much awesome all around and only spaz when they are running late or their wife is. This is when Theron's get moody. Sometimes Theron's will listen to moody, melancholy music to communicate their annoyance. Supermarkets are also a typical nemesis because of crowds and too many food choices. Theron's are typically tall and strong, love sports, love competing, love movies and making movies, loves music, loves travel, loves cynicsm and wit, and love eating until they pass out. Theron is a true fat kid.
"Theron, where did all your food go?"
"I was scared I wouldn't have enough to eat."
by macaroni and cheeselin February 07, 2010

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