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3 definitions by mabulok

1. Philippino way of asking someone "what do you think of this?". origins: from combining a tagalog accent and an english phrase, to yield a morpheme.
Marissa says, "Hey Michael, we're gonna' have fish tonight, watchuthink?"
by mabulok March 10, 2007
Cheryl's new found method of communication. An email that is written by someone, and spoken by a talking monkey, in the form of an email.
Hey dude, I just sent you monkeymail. Have you gotten it yet?
by mabulok March 09, 2007
1. From the words "my nigga". It's a nice way of telling someone they are your nigga, without them actually knowing what the hell you're saying. They will think you just screwed up their name and are calling them Monica, with a funky ass language impediment.
Hey Monigga, get yo' fat ass over here and fetch me a beer.
by mabulok March 10, 2007