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Combination of trashy and frumpy. Used mostly to describe fat girls who dress gothic and/ or "emo"...these girls typically tend to spill out of their clothing.
Oh God! Look at the trumpy's walking down the street!
by Mabby August 23, 2005
Combination of the words trashy and frumpy. Trumpy is used to describe people who are fat, gothic/emo, and busting out of their clothes. Used typically, to describe the girls who's stomachs tend to hang over their pants.
Many of these kids forgo college to fullfill ass-tard dreams of anthro art, and furries, and crappy garage bands.
Oh my God that girl is soooo trumpy!!!
by Mabby August 19, 2005
ask someone who cares
steve went down the road blasting right here right now
by mabby September 08, 2003
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