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A club of fans; including ceiling fans, bedroom fans, window fans, etc.
"It's getting windy in the fan club."
"Suck my cock mothafucka."
by maaan June 24, 2006
A meal replacement for anorexic people and caffeine addicts.

Makes you pee a lot.

A word used when happy.
"Let's go have some tea then barf it up homie."

"I'm going to pee because I had tea."

Sir: Let's go call on Konrad.

Lady: TEA!
by maaan June 24, 2006
Used to refer to any female person.

Used to refer to tits.
"Where'd lady go?"
"Have you seen lady?"
"Hey lady, how about a lumpkin!"
"Sure, I'd love to go see a movie with you, but first I must fuck lady."
"There's a lady over there, and a lady over there, and a lady everywhere!"

"How do you like my new ladies?"
"Lump my ladies."
"Psst, Sarah, you're ladies are falling out."
"Tell your ladies to stop jiggling when you walk."
"Keep your ladies to yourself."
by maaan June 24, 2006
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