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A somewhat flexible word which is utilized to denote negation. As in:

1) If something is impossible, it is slathans.
2) To end a conversation abruptly i.e. "Dead a conversation" it can be utlized in an interuptive manner.
3) To denote the 0 value amount something (See Usage)
4) May also be utilized creatively, as the embodiment of a non-cool person, in which case the word is changed slightly and is used in a naming manner (See Usage)
1) Hater: Yo I heard you have a 1 inch Wee-Wee
2) Hater: Yo, there was this time that..You: SLATHANS!
3) Hater: Did you get any ass from her?
You: No, I got Slathans
4) Hater: I am mad cool
You: Nah, you are Slathaniel Hawthorne
by MaZe February 12, 2004
A proper name given to a person who would much rather hide in his/her house, or in a cave, for days at a time. Often, this person refuses to contact or be contacted by any living creature. When this person does emerge from their hermit like existence, they are often recognizable by increased hair growth both in the facial and cranial region.
Me: Yo you are Super Dizlow Man
P: I know
by MaZe February 12, 2004
Arabic: Something
i don't have shee, chack also gee
by maZe June 02, 2004
coming from the arabic work of thing shee it is a version that i launched and it is now used among teens especially girls.
i don't wana do gee, means i don't wana do anything. or if someone asks: what are you doing? you reply by gee, it means i am on doing something that is none of your business, the meaning could change with the spoken tonality
by maZe June 02, 2004
any sort of vaginal lubricant.
"Gee, your crease grease smells terrific!"
by maze February 16, 2005
Denotes extreme and unbearable heat. As in, the type of heat only found within the southern recesses of Hades.
You: Dog, its like 90 degrees!
Me: It Blazing Saddles!
by MaZe February 12, 2004

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