10 definitions by maXrUm

A gay penis which thinks for itself, but belongs to the body of a straight man.
Luca - "Hey what are you doing? Get out there we're finally getting some!"

Homorection - "I don't like her too much... she doesn't know how to stroke me very well. Can you do it instead? PLEASE! You know how I like to be touched..."
by maXrUm December 16, 2004
Chubby, man/lesbian-loving pussy lips that closely resemble a donut... (large pointless hole included)
M.C. Skittles - "A yo j... I hear Japanese girls got mad tight pussies dawg."

maXrUm - "Damn son forget that shit!!!! chubbalovers are what u lookin for..."
by maXrUm December 12, 2004
A Venezuelan boy who is shipped to a customer overseas in a box and packaged with a 3-month supply of cow shit, which in combination attracts the flies in your house.

1. Open box carefully.
2. Immediately find the package of shit and hurl chunks at the face of the young Venezuelan boy.
3. Set the boy in a part of the house in which you will not be around.
4. Wait for the flies to accumulate on the boy's face.
5. After 2 hours your Venezuelan Fly Trap should have attracted all the flies in your house. Therefore, immediately roll a piece of newspaper and smack the boy's face repeatedly until no living flies remain. SUCCESS! Your trap has worked.
"I just ordered a brand new Venezuelan Fly Trap! Those flies are fucked now!"
by maXrUm December 12, 2004

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