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A person who wants anything that you have that they don't have. It doesn't matter what it is they just have to have it.
Mel: Guess who I like
Kelsey: umm who?
Mel: Chase!
Kelsey: OMGWTFBBQ!!! I must meet him!
Mel: Kelsey you are such a stuff-whore!
by Ma-Rak September 22, 2007
So so def is another way to say most definatly.
1: Are you going to the game?
2: So so def.
by Ma-Rak October 03, 2007
Boots that girls/women wear that are knee high, usually made of leather and, have a heel.
Spencer: Look at those boots Nolan is wearing.
Ma-Rak: Those are some major slut boots.
by Ma-Rak September 28, 2007
To sneeze multiple times in an excessive amount.
2:OMG this kid is having a sneezeiure!1!1one!!eleven
by Ma-Rak January 05, 2008
A person who steals a phrase that you say and uses it repetitivley.
Sam: So I says to Kieth "Listen man I got mad ladies lining around the block."
later on in the day....
Jen: I got mad ladies lining up around the block.
Sam: You are such a phrase whore!
by Ma-Rak September 28, 2007
The feeling one experiences before a kiss is imminent.
This feeling of Sparkage comes upon especially with a first kiss and the awkward advances that follow it.
by Ma-Rak October 16, 2008
1. (noun) rusty nails
2. the best thing that has ever happened to you.
When I scored the game winning goal I was "OOO that was shiggin' higgin' lygar!"
by Ma-Rak November 04, 2007
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