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sex that wears trousers and a nice looking polo shirt to work and parties
usually i dont care about these things, but casual sex was way under dressed at the reception on friday.
by ma jones May 18, 2004
sloppy, not professional looking. using hot glue and/or tape on a model. Something that your mom could have made on a computer.

using fabric when its obvious you should NOT be thinking about materials...
that shit was amateur, but he still got a good grade somehow.

fuck. dammit. where'd you get that amateur shit, WordArt?
by ma jones May 17, 2004
system. usually corrupt.
UC has a fucked up shitstem
by ma jones May 26, 2004
the act of pooping on a hamburger bun, then taking said poopy buns and giving someone earmuff-style attack. Very sexy.
dude, he cant hear you, he just got russian fecal speakers.
by ma jones May 22, 2004
to poop. especially in the woods.
release the chocolate hostages! Now!
by ma jones May 17, 2004
a perfect way to end an argument when you realize you're wrong halfway through it.
1: Daniels Hall is really nice.
2: bullshit.
1: No, its awesome
2: fuck, it is the worst place ever.
3: yeah dude, that place reeks and is never clean. it sucks.
1: I know! that's what im saying!
by ma jones May 18, 2004
a.) amazing, spectacular, above ordinary.
b.) better than sex
person 1: check out my girlfriend over there!
person 2:shit dude, that stuuc is weapons grade ugly
by ma jones May 18, 2004

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