5 definitions by ma'alea808

slang for uki or vagina.
nani doesn't mean heavenly, it means beautiful.
ho, kaleis punani was tuna, nasty!
by ma'alea808 March 23, 2009
Pualani is Hawaiian, it means Heavenly Flower, Lani means Heavenly, Pua means Flower... and Hawaiians play da ukulele.
Pualani, is a pretty name.
by Ma'alea808 April 06, 2009
Ma'alea is a hawaiian word dat means cunning, shrewd, wise, or skillful.

is also means da hottest wahine der is! :D
look ma'alea is hea... ho she is fineee!
by ma'alea808 March 23, 2009
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