21 definitions by ma jones

a.) a goofy person; a fool.
b.) see a-bag
c.) see also, fuzzy dild smack
person 1: "one time, i saw a wigger walking around wearing a rick smits jersey."
person 2: "only dild smacks like big white nba basketball players."
by ma jones May 06, 2004
a great middle name for an architecture professor who teaches history of arch. at the university of cincinnati
person 1: hey, we're gonna be late to class.
person 2: fuck it, i don't wanna listen to takesitinthe today
by ma jones May 20, 2004
to masturbate while eating taco bell
99 cent cheesey gordita crunches? im gonna make a run for the border
by ma jones May 20, 2004
the act of taking it in the ass, spewing a loose spermy fecal on a tarp on the floor, oiling youself up, and walking through it, feeling the corn and peanuts squish between your toes.
After that I need a merryfield to take the pain away.

Walkin through a merryfield brings back memories of the war.

Eating spinach makes for a weapons grade merryfield.
by ma jones May 18, 2004
a good and/or cool thing.
fuzzy fuzzy dilds. fuzzy dild smacks. fuzzy fuzzy dild smacks
by ma jones May 06, 2004
a.) fucked up on acid...or pcp.
b.) startled at something
the crazy bird who is fuckin losing it swooped down and pecked at the flustered pedestrian
by ma jones May 06, 2004
worthy of my time
The model over there is righteous, but I'm not sure about this fabric one.
by ma jones May 17, 2004
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