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1 definition by mOe' D

PGC - "Pinoy Gangsta Crips", A Filipino Gang. It started when the OG of the x3 crips "Gambino" had a beef with his member "SLIMM". The beef is about the rules of the leadership of x3 Crips. The x3 Crips is divided by 2,the other members remain in the x3 Crips,and the others go with Slimm. Slimm founded the PGC (Pinoy Gangsta Crips) and they were knowned as the "Anti" (Anti Rules), as of the x3 Crips as "Pro" (Pro rules). Several years later the founder of the PGC "SLIMM" died on a fight. Now days PGC is still down with their new OG "K-OZZ".
mOe' D still poppin' PGC Crip Gang.
by mOe' D February 07, 2007
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