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(adj.) mediocre, to be the subject of indifference. Deriving from the bland menu offered to freshmen in a certain Hasbrouck Dining Hall.
Meh, the DJ sucked but there was tons of girls and beer so you know, pretty hassy
by mjohnnys November 10, 2010
An essential part of the Irish grieving process where the entire family of the deceased party gets totally shit-bombed to celebrate the life of their departed loved one.
No-shit kid, its an Irish Funeral
by mJohnnys October 24, 2010
A condescending term used towards a male who tires to project his masculinity when trying to find a sexual partner, however comes off vain and unsuccessful.
Chad: "Hey Karry, I just got back from the gym and I'm off to down a shit-ton of Natty's, no big deal" *flexes uncomfortably*

Karry: "hahaha whoa, calm down Bromeo"
by mJohnnys October 24, 2010

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