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Former Saturday Night Live actor who is well-known for milking out the same jokes. Always seems very desperate for attention.
Look at me--I'm a Jew!
by Mike May 05, 2005
my friend's pornstar girlfriend that i fuck everyday. I am happy with my live cuz i cum in her mouth for PaCMaN FeVeR! Im rich biotch!
next door nikki is hot.
by mike December 05, 2004
To leave a broken piece of computer equipment unmarked sitting on the shelf in need of repairs that his co-workers must deal with
This computer has been bieberized
by Mike March 14, 2003
a lame alternative of skiing, where you must sit approximately 100 feet from all jump areas and sit for approximately 5-10 minutes.
Dude, that 180 you did was gnarly!
by Mike March 08, 2005
The name of the ECW reunion show ran by the WWE in June 2005.
On Sunday June the 12th of 2005 I had the best one night stand ever, ECW's One Night Stand. I didn't get an STD from that one night stand.
by Mike October 12, 2005
The recent scapegoat that ignorant Americans blame for the worlds faults, as if those problems didn't exist before 2000.
Dude 1: Shit dude, I know I failed that test.
Dude 2: Don't worry, just tell the prof that George Bush is dumb and made the test too hard.
Dude 1: Hey Dr. Smith, Bush made that test...
Prof: {SLAP!!!}
by Mike May 03, 2005
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