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When a person develops strong emotions for 2-dimensional characters, typically anime or manga characters. They're more concerned with their fictional love interests than real people.
Don't even bother trying to get with him, he's got a 2d complex.
#anime #manga #otaku #hikkikomori #nijikon
by mDuo13 June 15, 2007
Japanese: "No thanks", "I'm cool", "It's okay" - basically, a halfway polite, understated refusal. Only used by true otaku (who seem to have picked it up from watching anime subtitled) or actual Japanese people. Not to be confused with "kekkon suru" - to get married.
Friends: "Wanna dress up like maids with us?"
You: "Kekko desu."
#otaku #kekko #desu #anime #no thanks
by mDuo13 February 12, 2007
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