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a sterotypically trailer-dwelling man who has generally low hygene but still attempts to look clean by wearing metrosexual apparel
Sam: Did you see Seth walking out of Wal-Mart today with a bag of cheap-ass hair products and some led-based pink polo teeshirts?

Matt: Yeah dude, that kid is such a metroskank.
by m. sick December 01, 2007
the removal of ones anal lining as a result of anal sex in which extreme suction occurs
"Dude!, I saw a sweet vid on the internet last night where this big black dude pigsocked his little sister!"

"uhhh, nice."
by m. sick December 01, 2007
a sexual invitation in which a man offers to clear a seat on his face
Aaron O- "Oh, Dani, allow me to clear a seat for you."
(Aaron slowly and blatently rubs his face from brow to chin)
by m. sick December 01, 2007

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