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3 definitions by m-cat-whodat?

Powerhouse femme fatale. A mature, tenacious woman confident in her wily ways. Not lured by men, but rather, gentlemen are captured in her trap of allure. A smart, witty, sassy lady who is not afraid to use her charm to get what she wants. Aka mamacita cheetah.
(After going up to the hottest man in the room and asking him out without any embarrassment, your friend might say): "Meow...you are such a mama cat!"

"That foxy lady was a real mama cat--all the guys were drooling over her and before they knew it she had them whipped and wrapped around her tiny little finger."
by m-cat-whodat? August 21, 2009
The lady parts; the va-jay-jay; the coochie snoocher: a girl's girl.
"When I went to Encinada,

I ate a big frittata;

and after the tostada,

I had one too many of the colada;

so I was feelin' kinda hotta,

and smoked some big ol' potta,

followed by some lovin' male enchilada;

so at the end of Encinada, I had an STD'd poontata." -CMD
by m-cat-whodat? August 21, 2009
A snotty nostril; when the nose is so runny that the runs and the nose are virtually inseparable.
"Dude, give that dirty snostril a tissue...before my couch is punished with your booger warfare."
by m-cat-whodat? August 21, 2009