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an awesome chick the can keep up with the guys enough to work in a male orientated job, such as roofing, but is still feminine enough to not be dismissed as a possible romantic interest, in other words not lesbian.
Rooftop Barbie and i went out barhopping last Saturday, and damn, you should have seen her dress!
by m'liegh April 11, 2008
a hypocritical leader that severely enforces a rule and then breaks it, expecting forgiveness that he himself would not show.
that Messerli called the cops on me for initiation on my own brother then gave Miles a wedgie!
by m'liegh April 11, 2008
using the attached rope of a flag pole to hang on while swinging yourself over an edge and back
tiffany and i went flagpole jumping for lack of anything else to do
by m'liegh April 11, 2008
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