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2 definitions by lz da prince

When the person recieving the blowjob, reach the back on the tonsils, and either holds the mouth their or ejaculates while the penis is completely down here throat.
Young Jeezy- Song: Tear that pussy up: "I got the tool in her throat, I'm just tonsil patroling man"
by lz da prince June 06, 2009
A word use to describe, sperm or nut lefted in a condom after a male has had sexual intercourse. Mostly used by african americans in southern states.
Three guys fucking a chic on camera:

Carl film while Jimmy is holdin up da condom and Rashawn is fucking the female.

Jimmy says "Look Carl haha a nigga just threw it up got dat cornbread" (while holding the condom up)
by lz da prince June 24, 2009