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A Randomly placed toilet in someones basement. There is generally no walls or even the rest of the bathroom.

Its out in the open and sometime accompanied by an oddly placed shower against the wall that uses the drain in the center of the basement floor.

These are common in old mill houses built in the 40's and 50's
When we were kids. I was over my friends house and his mom yelled at his dad the next time he was going to blow up the bathroom he was to use the Pittsburgh Shitter.
by lyquiddye April 13, 2011
A toilet installed in a public place with no privacy.

Generally installed in bars / taverns mens rooms. Due to possibility of illegal activity there is no privacy walls and the restroom door does not lock.

Therefore in a busy bar at any moment if you have to go someone may walk in on you dropping a duce.
I had to take a dump really bad but the bar has a commando shitter so I decided to drive home and take a dump.

There are many examples of a commando shitter in Pittsburgh, PA
by lyquiddye April 13, 2011
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