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Being afraid of being afraid.

This is something you can really get worked up with.
A: Don't scare him. He has phobophobia.
by lyomi March 06, 2012
The Asian Standard - these are generally recordings of games played up to Asian standards. Specifically, a TAS player
- aims for fastest time
- takes damage to save time
- abuses programming errors in the game
- manipulates luck
Acceptable times for a TAS are 11 minutes and 50 seconds to complete Super Mario Bros 3, but that's just barely good enough.
B: Whoa did you see this TAS? He beat Super Mario Bros 2 from start to finish in 8 minutes and 16 seconds!!
A: I play like this all the time.
by Lyomi January 17, 2013
A class in World of Warcraft.
Other classes are mages, warriors, druids and shamans.
Rouges use closed combat and melee skills to quickly down their foes, mostly with daggers and other sharp weapons.
Did you see that rouge? Totally owned me.
Curse those rouges! Always hiding when they're about to lose in a battle.
by LyoMi May 01, 2011
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