1 definition by lynzerlot

1. The reason why a record number of Americans are applying for work visas/permanent resident status in Canada.

2. Despite the president's mastery of the english language and thinking in general (see sarcasm), his administration is responsible for drastically reducing federal financial aid for college students, making it increasingly impossible to afford higher education.
1. Before the results of the 2004 presedential election, only about 20,000 american residents visited the canadian immigration website. The day after Bush was declared president again, over 115,000 visited the site. (stats from the washington times)

2. The low-interest Perkin's loan for students who demonstrate financial aid need will be phased out in 10 years. Sure, some of the funding will go towards Pell Grants (which do not need to be reapaid), BUT students who currently are eligible to receive Perkins Loans usually don't demonstrate enough need to qualify for a Pell Grant.
by lynzerlot July 14, 2005

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