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a grunger is not someone hu is depressed or pissed off with the world. some of my m8s r grungers and they are the funniest people and most friendlyest people i know.
all grungers are, are people hu dress in what feels comfortable and dont follow fasion because they dont like it i h8 when u walk down the high street ( being a grunger myself ) and you get some townie takin the piss out of ya because they dont like how u dress to tell u the truth i dont like how u dress but i dnt take the piss out of dem and its them who are pissed of with everyone not grungers
townie - look at that grunger filthy pikey
grunger - (grunger hears this remark) dont know why you callin me pikey when u look like that
townie - (ignores remark because... well truth hurts)
by lynyrd skynyrd fan June 22, 2007

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