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Original Character written into fanfiction. Often a Mary-Sue, but occasionally well-written.
She wrote a story about her OC going to Hogwarts.
by lynx wings April 23, 2005
A private Catholic school located in Southern California, sometimes refered to as "The Bitches on Bellefontaine." The students and teachers are nice enough, but the administration is Nazi-ish. They give demerits for wearing the wrong colored socks, and they fire all the teachers the students actually like, while retaining the ones who cannot teach. It is in possession of one rather terrifying nun, known as Sister Babs and is partially run by a scary blonde ex-PE teacher.
She went to Mayfield Senior School and was forced to do the Heil Bannan and Babs.
by lynx wings April 21, 2005
Sentinent sponge cartoon character who promotes the gay agenda and makes fundies all around the world very, very angry. Good sponge!
Spongebob mocks the fundamentalists with his homosexuality.
by lynx wings April 22, 2005
Original Female Character inserted into fanfiction. A female OC.
She wrote a story about Snape falling in love with her OFC, Vivian. Unfortunately, Vivian was a Mary-Sue.
by lynx wings April 23, 2005
A female character who is so perfect that she is annoying. The name originated in a very short Star Trek story that mocked the sort of female characters who showed up in fanfiction. It usually refers to original female characters put into fanfiction, but can refer to any character.

Mary-Sues are characters who are usually extraordinarily gorgeous, amazingly talented, unusually powerful, and exceedingly attractive to whoever the author has a crush on. They often possess ridiculously fancy and pretentious first names -- Angel, Raven, Jewel, Lorelei Bianca Julia Marizza Snape -- and are very, very annoying.

Mary-Sue is often abbreviated to 'Sue.' The male equivelant is either Marty-Stu or Gary-Stu.
Your Buffy fanfic has a problem. Her name is Alayne Lorelei Gemma Jeshika Shanna, she has violet eyes and raven hair, curves in all the right places, is more powerful than Willow and a better fighter than Buffy and Faith combined, AND Spike is in love with her. She's a total Mary-Sue, and she's really annoying!"
by lynx wings April 22, 2005

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