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2 definitions by lyfnNightVision

1. A person with extreme views of glorifying his/her own and demeaning other nations.

2. A person claiming superiority over others for the nation s/he originates from.
Patriofags: We are awesome JUST because we are from X!

Regular Person: Oh no... Not these Patriofags again...
by lyfnNightVision January 22, 2013
Intentionally, hanging out with stupid people to feel smart.
Performing simple tasks to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Similar to the act of masturbation. Doesn't serve a purpose besides pleasure.
"I heard you were dating that blonde right there."
"That one's kinda dumb; so makes me feel real smart!"
"HAHA! You brain fapping lil bastard!"
by lyfnNightVision March 23, 2013