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1 - when a surfer falls off their surfboard into the sea

2 - when a skateboarder falls a over t off the board. its more than just falling, its spectacular. and painful...
1 - did you know only one of the beach boys could actually surf, despite one of their hits being about surfing?

2 - i wipeout off my board every damn time i ride it, and i have the injuries to prove it! i am getting better though.
by Lyddy Cool April 20, 2007
1) Half Rainbow:
Half a rainbow; the colours red or pink, purple and blue, representing bisexuality, or a person being bisexual.
As a rainbow is the symbol of gay pride, a person being gay and homosexuality, half rainbows symbolise the half-gayness. Is gayness even a word? I don't know, but I do know that the half rainbow (also bi-pride flag, I think) looks better when red or pink is at the top, if it's going top to bottom, rather than left to right. The purple is always in the middle.
I believe that the red or pink represents female, and the blue represents male, the purple therefore representing the crossover.

2) HalfRainbow:
The name of an up and coming artist on deviantART. I say up and coming... They aren't partically famous or popular, but they do have nearly one favourite for every picture, which I guess is kind of good. They are so named because of the meaning of Half Rainbow being the the bi-pride version of the gay pride rainbow.

3) Miss Half Rainbow:
Representative of bisexuality and bi-pride on MySpace, such as Gay God and therealgaygod are for gay pride. There aren't many representatives of this section of LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi Transgendered/Transexual) for some reason, apart from iDo, which is a group rather than a person. She likes to call her MySpace page her BiSpace.

4) HalfRainbow / Miss Half Rainbow
Me, if you hadn't guessed. I'm bisexual, and I'd like to point out that it's no different to any other sexual preference, except that I have twice the chance of being turned down, I guess! No, I don't fancy everyone, does a straight girl/guy fancy every member of the opposite sex? Right. Anyway, I'm proud of my sexuality because, well, why shouldn't I be?
Most of Miss Half Rainbow's banners have a half rainbow background, but as I speak (January 3rd 2008) HalfRainbow has yet to post a picture with any sort of half rainbow.
by Lyddy Cool January 03, 2008
Also "talk" and "talked".

Its means cybersex. So its not the same as talking.

Its the word you use when you dont when anyone eavesdropping to know what you're talking about. Sometimes you say it with really obvious quotes, sometimes just like the word talking. It depends on how thick the person you're talking to is, or whos listening.

Sometimes used when you dont want the person you're talking to to know you had cybersex.
Person 1: "So...? Did you talk to your bestest yesterday?"
Person 2: "Yeh! We "talked" on MSN!"

(on msn)
Girl 1: brb im busy
Girl 2: huh?
Girl 1: im "talking" to -boy-
Girl 2: OOOHHH kk bye ;)

(when you dont want the person you're talking to to know what you mean)
Nosey boy: "Hey, speak to your girlfriend lately?"
Other boy: "Yeah.. We "talk" online most days."
by Lyddy Cool October 23, 2006
Obsessive Compulsive Green Day Disorder...

like OCD but for Green Day...

Most GSBians have OCGDD
I have OCGDD! This is where I get accussed of being a teenie...
by Lyddy Cool October 24, 2006
It started out on a website I go on a lot, a fan site for Green Day.

It is a longer version of the word sexyful, meaning exactly the same thing, but more exaggerated.

Pronouced "sh-mek-say-furl" it is twice the length of the word sexyful and every two letters in shmeksaypherll make one letter in sexyful. sh-s/me-e/ks-x/ay-y/ph-f/er-u/ll-l

Last thing I have to add. Tré Cool is the definition of shmeksaypherll! <3 Sorry, I had to say that.
(used to decribe each member of Green Day, as it was originally used for them! Also theyre in order of which I think are sexier)

Tré Cool is shmeksaypherll!
Billie Joe Armstrong is shmeksaypherll!
Mike Dirnt is shmeksaypherll!
by Lyddy Cool October 23, 2006
only the awesomest guy ever!

oh yeah and me and my mates started his crew, the BJB crew. you cant be in it. its his select frends.

(the song is in the spongebob squarepants tune)
who lives in a pinapple under a tree?
who drives around in his mercedes?
who has manky hair and smells like a fish?
who eats his own poop off a big silver dish?
by Lyddy Cool March 04, 2007
Not the same as Green Day which is the greatest band ever.

A green day, (which is what the band are named after) is a day where you bunk school, work, or whatever you were meant to be doing and spend the whole day smoking greenie or weed or whatever you feel like calling it today.
Kid 1: Where was you yesterday?
Kid 2: Oh, yeah. I had a green day with my mates from round my area.
Kid 1: And you didnt tell me?
by Lyddy Cool October 24, 2006
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