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Subeta is a Virtual Pet site similar to Neopets, Mara Pets and many more sites of this type.

It is Run by Keith Kurson.

While people claim they steal everything from Neopets this is fiction. Everything has an original. This site is just similar.

It has a alright range of items currently at 10,000.
It has about 100,000 members with an average of 1000 Online at once.
Which makes restock great.
It has friendly members and friendly staff among other things too.

Like other pets sites Subeta has it's own little world you can explore.
Many places can be seen on the map at Subeta.
There are Training schools, shops, quests and much more things to visit while browsing the map in Subeta.

The pets have a fairly wide selection and outstanding Artwork compared to other pet sites.

While the games could be better they do have a few.
Nothing with great graphics or skill needed to play, but it is a quick way to earn a few Thousand points.

The members and Staff on Subeta are the most friendly compared to any other pet site. Members will sometimes give millions of SP to new uses to just get them started, and even walk them through the site. While other Pet sites have Snobs who think they are '1337'. Subeta seems to have very few of these people. The staff can also be contacted. The owner himself will take the time to reply to you most times which I respect.

The boards are fair, while people don't reply as fast as most would like, the boards supply something that other sites like this don't "freedom". You can chat about sex, other sites, random personal things, debate freely etc.. Which is a nice change.

It's a well rounded site with great people. It could use a bit of touch-ups but in a few years it could give sites like Neopets a run for it's money. Most longtime members from Neopets are converting to Subeta anyway.
Subeta is a pet site.
It is like having pretend pets.
You also gain status through gaining points.
It's a multi-player game.
by luxury May 15, 2007

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