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2 definitions by luvmydogz

Female version of a Ham. A female that is a pushover at any time for the sake of good attention which results in getting that attention and usually a good laugh.
My dog Stormy Sue is such a hamette. She will literally cozy up to anyone on the couch and lay her head on your shoulder.

Daisy Mae was a great hamette in her time by sitting on the kitchen chair next to you and giving her paw so that you would scratch her belly and would continue to do so until she was satisfied
by luvmydogz January 21, 2010
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To act sillier than silly. Actions that make you laugh or shake your head while giggling because the actions are just so silly, they are sillily.
My dog is so silly that she jumps into bed with her toys and rolls around sillily while holding it in her mouth.

Mr Jacob's 2 year old son runs around the house sillily laughing while running in circles.
by luvmydogz January 21, 2010
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