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1) excuse to get people to do things.
2) best way to get something done.
3) if ______ something, ______ will happen
1) if 1,000,000 people join this facebook group, john will admit he's gay.
2) if 1,000,000 people join this facebook group, my girlfriend will marry my ugly ass.
3) if obama says he will do something... nothing will happen
by lustyisgay December 16, 2009
1) a person who styles dog hair
2) a person who likes to take it in the ass or give it in the ass
1) Dude, look at that doggystyler doggystyling that doggystylist.
2) I took my dog to the doggystylist shop but it turned out it wasn't for hairstyling.
by lustyisgay December 20, 2009

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