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With an A is, with absolute certainty, the greatest/hottest person you'll ever meet in two to three life times! She has got the heart in its right place and the guts to back it up. an Amnah is a tremendous friend, cute pointer and a passionate significant other!
Though the name literally means that she's safe <out of harm's way>, she's the kind of person that would be more than eager to put anything on the line for her loved ones' safety and well-being.
Don't be fooled yet, Amnah is clever, wittily funny, crafty when it comes to wordplay, and pretty compelling. her allure is just enticing.
When it comes to fashion and style she's got taste and class, she can pull anything off, no biggy! as it's a proven fact that 99.7% of the women out there envy her!
That being said, whether she's a goddess or just human, it's a blessing to be in her life.
yeay, amnah's here!
by lush7 March 30, 2011

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