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when a male figure places his nutz upon your face
I was t-bagged last night while sleeping.
by LURCH November 19, 2003
A drunken expression used for "asshole" when too inebriated to think of the correct word.
Give me that back before i stick my foot up your reamhole.
by Lurch November 22, 2004
A slang term used when some1 gets killed while testing an ejector seat in the back garden. Also russell langton is a disturbed child who enjoys wearing womens underwear while making out with navdeep.
shit man .. that russell langton was nasty
by Lurch January 14, 2005
The male equivalent to BURNT CURTAINS. When the scrotal skin is a much darker color than the surrounding skin.
Boy Ranger Nate sure is pale, but I saw him in the shower the other day and he has a Brown Bag.
by Lurch August 15, 2004
The University of Alabama is a state funded college in the state of Alabama. Basically, it sucks donkey balls for pesos. They got abandoned by one football coach and then had to fire another because he hired a whore. Their football team sucks. They have a mascot of an elephant, yet their battle call is "Roll Tide" What the fuck is a tide? Are they gonna do our laundry?
University of Alabama lost to Auburn 17-7.
by Lurch May 04, 2003
generally referred to as "I Hate
this Fucking Place", most notably used at military institutions
"Man watch again, IHTFP."
by lurch April 29, 2003

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