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A very fun card game. The cards are divided up between the players and each player gets their card deck.

You start out with whoever has the 2 of clubs play that card, then everyone else plays cards. You can play any of the clubs, spades, or diamonds whenever you wish.

The object of the game is not to get points, which each heart is worth 1 point and the queen of spades is worth a whopping 13 points.

In order to play hearts, you must break a heart by playing a heart when you do not have a matching card that was played. For example, if everyone played a club and you don't have any clubs, you could play the heart.

If one player gets all the hearts and the queen, then all the other players get 26 points.
This game is fun, but I hate that fucking queen of spade
by lunar shadows December 29, 2004
The hero suikoden 1. He is the leader of the game, and you play as him in the game.

His father, Teo McDohl, is the most thrustworthy ally to the emperor.

Tir has his main group of friends, which are Gremo, Cleo, Pahn, and Ted.


Gremo is very protective over Tir. He is so protective over Tir, he was willing to give his life up when man eating bugs are unleashed in a room by the Flower Emperor Milich.

Ted is also another friend who cares about Tir. When they are unable to defeat an enemy, he risks his cover of holding a true rune to save Tir by using it infront of people.
Tir McDohl is a rare leader of an rpg because he can be recruited in suikoden 2 also.
by lunar shadows August 11, 2004
1) A type of tasty candy that can come in a wide variety of flavors.

2) What about 70% of people on the earh can seem like.
The air head candy can seem smarter than some air headed people.
by lunar shadows August 08, 2004
What the people at gametalk live for. Either the mods are real power hungry (except for a few, some can be nice), or people practically beg to become a moderator. See mod wannabe for more on that.
Gametalk is no longer a video game forum, it's a place where losers worry about who's going to be a mod.
by lunar shadows October 30, 2004
Cartoon chick who was the daughter of George Jetson in the ingenious cartoon "the jetsons".
Judy Jetson seemed to be in love with a new guy in every episode.
by lunar shadows June 16, 2004
During Halloween times, people love to look at haunted houses and spooky things.

Haunted Houses are believed to have spirits and ghosts haunting them, trying to scare the shit out of unsuspected people.

A lot of times, these houses are really old and the spirits have been haunting them for a long time.
So many people want to go into haunted houses... why? You'll just scream and run out.
by lunar shadows October 31, 2004
People who you live next to. Some can be nice, others can be complete dick heads or hicks.
When I was little, the neighbors were yelling at my dad for our dog barking at night. However, those dogs were dead for about 2 years when he made the complaint.
by lunar shadows November 07, 2004
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