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93 definitions by lunar shadows

one who attempts to get you to buy a lemon
sometimes, the car they want you to buy doen't even run
by lunar shadows December 30, 2004
a term that describes the least desirable item to choose from when there are a number of things to choose from
rotton food is at the bottom of the barrel to choose from when you want something to eat
by lunar shadows August 16, 2004
Some of the visitors at gametalk who want to become a moderator and they act foolish over it. These people have literally treatened suicide and tried to bribe Mike with money to become one (and I am dead serious). They don't relize that this behavior can not only cause them not to get hired, but also to annoy gamers at the site.

But don't get me wrong, not everyone who wants to be a mod acts this way.
Don't these people have better things to do in life?
by lunar shadows August 10, 2004
Some movie made by a fat guy who doesn't know when the hell to shut up
get yourself a hot dog and shut up Michael!
by lunar shadows November 16, 2004
what a lot of people say when they are having hell with something
The damn tv doesn't want to work, so fuck it!
by lunar shadows August 10, 2004
What you don't want to find on your car window when you don't pay to park in a parking spot you have to pay for. Luckily, I don't have to worry about that because I pay.
If you see a little orange piece of paper on your window, your screwed
by lunar shadows November 10, 2004
The hero suikoden 1. He is the leader of the game, and you play as him in the game.

His father, Teo McDohl, is the most thrustworthy ally to the emperor.

Tir has his main group of friends, which are Gremo, Cleo, Pahn, and Ted.


Gremo is very protective over Tir. He is so protective over Tir, he was willing to give his life up when man eating bugs are unleashed in a room by the Flower Emperor Milich.

Ted is also another friend who cares about Tir. When they are unable to defeat an enemy, he risks his cover of holding a true rune to save Tir by using it infront of people.
Tir McDohl is a rare leader of an rpg because he can be recruited in suikoden 2 also.
by lunar shadows August 11, 2004