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A face I always use in aim and email
if you talk to me, your prone to see a :P
by lunar shadows November 06, 2004
A game that is due to come out shortly. It doesn't look like that it will be as good as FF6, so I won't buy it.

Let's take a game that looks good that that will also be coming out soon, suikoden 4.

First of all, the Hero of suikoden 4 looks more like a dude than Vaan. Vaan is uglier than someone's ass hairs, from where the Hero of Suikoden 4 isn't ugly at all.

In FF12, your going to get a crapy amount of allies, it's like 4 or something (maybe square will get daring and put more than 10 characters). Where in suikoden 4, you will be able to gain up to 108 allies.

If you look at the Hero in suikoden 4, he is very tough and strong. Vaan probably would loose an arm wrestling match with a lady bug.

After taking the time to think about FF12, it will be obvious that FF12 will not be as good as previous FFs.
FF12 sucks rooster balls
by lunar shadows August 11, 2004

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