93 definitions by lunar shadows

A really good song that was sung by that slut with the teeth in the 1980's
I think material girl has a good beat to it
by lunar shadows December 23, 2004
The term macho means that someone (mainly a male) is very strong and attractive to a women. In the 1980's and 1990's, the word was used a lot, but seems to have outdated.
I think the village people sang a song about being macho and someone did a parody and called it "nacho man"
by lunar shadows December 25, 2004
what i just said
lunar shadows: oh shit
by lunar shadows June 27, 2004
Oil; when someone strikes oil and gets rich
The miner 49er in scooby doo was trying to keep black oil all to himself from his friend
by lunar shadows January 22, 2005
Another shitty first person shooter game that people can play. It looks boring and plain, just like any other stupid first person shooter game.
Why the fuck would I want to play counter-strike when I have suikoden 1-3?
by lunar shadows November 10, 2004
an ugly old fart car
whoever designs buicks should get kicked in the ass
by lunar shadows August 21, 2004
A nasty tasting beverage that fucks up the brain and causes people to be ill and act abnormal
Why would you want to drink beer? It tastes like shit
by lunar shadows December 21, 2004

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